Saturday, December 22, 2012


My dad was here for the last couple of weeks and Wesley was really taken with him. Here is a photo of the two of them together. Wesley calls him "Gunda" (sort of).


Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Photo

 I tried to do a self-timer family photo for our Christmas card this year. It didn't turn out like I wanted, so we didn't end up using it, but here are a few of the pictures I took, just for fun.



Wesley got a really cute school picture taken this year, so the one of Noah above is my attempt to do something similar with him. He's so cute, don't you think? I used to do just the same cheesy smile when I was his age.


cookie 1

Yikes, this has been a busy month! We had a photo shoot and a wedding this week already, and people visiting and so so many holiday things to do! And then I thought it would be a great idea to pile some time-consuming cookie projects on. So there you have reasons I have not been blogging, not even about the polar express still! One of these days. Until then, here are some cookies that Noah and I made. We gave them out as teacher gifts on the cute little plates below. We also ate a few...

cookie 2

Friday, December 7, 2012

14 Months


A few days late, but I think I've posted almost every one of Wesley's monthly posts on the 7th of the month instead of the 5th. Anyway, this is one adorable, and rambunctious, little guy.

He's starting to say more words: Hot (which he always says with a laugh, as in, hah, nothing you say will instill me with a sense of danger. I'll climb cactus and there's nothing you can do about it!), night night... I'm sure there are several more, but as I told Chris tonight, he's the second child and I think the reason he's not talking as much as Noah was at this age is that we just aren't paying as much attention.

Anyway, Here is a cute photo of him using a turnip as a teether. He didn't love the taste, but it was round, just soft enough, and it had a handle. We've been up to our ears in veggies from our CSA (community supported agriculture) so I was glad to find some kind of use for turnips.

Here is a link to Noah's 14 month post, just for comparison.  Apparently I was just as tired when I wrote that one.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bike Shop Fun


How many families do you know that go to the bike shop as a fun family outing? We know a few. Here is the newest bicycle enthusiast in ours.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Making it feel like Christmas


It's about 75 degrees (or more probably) in Tucson this December 3rd. T-shirt weather, even though I spent many a Christmas in Santa Cruz as a kid, just doesn't quite have that holiday feel. Noah is so into Christmas this year that we're putting some effort into making in feel like Christmas. No, we're not trucking in any snow (although I think there was an event like that here last year...), but we are doing Christmas lights, Christmas tree, and the best part, a brand new Christmas train! So here is our playroom with Christmas tree, train, and very happy little boy. We won't be here for Christmas, but in the three weeks before we make our Christmas trek to New Mexico and Texas we had to bring some Christmas spirit home. Having little ones around just makes it so much easier to get excited about this season!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Week

Happy thanksgiving!

Another trip to Flagstaff, this time for Thanksgiving. It was special because my brother Colin was coming in from Hawaii after we hadn't seen him for over a year. He had never met Wesley! And to add to a special week, my youngest brother Gaelen showed up from Santa Cruz. It was the first time we'd all been together since Chris and I got married and it was fun to have a little time together.


As you probably guessed, I made the cranberry sauce and I always love taking pictures of it. I also shaped the brioche bread into a reindeer for Noah, although it puffed up so much in the oven that it looked like a fat dragon creature when we served it.

Brioche reindeer

Sadly, I didn't get around to getting a photo of us all together, but here is Gaelen playing guitar in my mom's sunny living room.


Okay, and I'm sorry for mentioning a new big thing and then leaving everyone (or, all three of my readers...) hanging. Now it won't sound like such a big thing if you were expecting something exciting. I've been waiting to hear for sure about getting accepted, but I'm going to tell you anyway that I'm re-applying to my medical anthropology PhD program to finish in the next couple of years. So who knows what will become of the photography business, but for now I'm still going to do a wedding here and there, we're going to Hawaii for spring break (yahooo!), and I'm going back to the life of a student (yikes, and sort of awesome too).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Busy Month

I know you were waiting for a photo of my little boys, not for a photo of these little bean bags I made for Noah's class to use as ice packs, but this is all I've got. We had two weddings last month and an engagement session last weekend, plus some other big things that I'll tell you about soon. A few things, including this blog (and other things, like credit card payments...) have fallen off my radar, but I'm done with everything for a little while, so I'll be back here with some photos of the little guys. Especially the one who is now walking, climbing up on the dining room table and dropping peppercorns all over the floor, and laying on the floor in tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. We're in for it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


IMG_9235 We started with some pumpkins


And then a little ghost and a little princess out in the dark. I didn't get a photo of them from the front! Shame on me.


And then there were the toddly little forest creatures, intent on getting their share of the candy. You wouldn't have believed this little guy marching up to each door, pumpkin pail in outstretched hand, and as soon as he heard something plop into the pain, he was off to the next place. And, in true bear fashion, he had chowed down on a candy bar by the time we made it back, wrapper bits and all. The little bear costume was one that I made for Noah a few years ago. Click here to see him in it.

Sue Sylvester came along as well. And don't ask me what I was wearing. Green velvet drapery? Hmm.




Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Fall Fall, Yellow Leaves and Fall


There are so many photos in this post that I don't think I need to write very much. As you can see, we went on an amazing hike up on the peaks last weekend to see the yellow leaves. We got a little carried away with the yellow leaf photos and then the family photos, so here is just a small fraction of them.










Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Preview

Fall in flagstaff

I have about a million photos of our trip to Flagstaff this weekend to see the leaves changing colors (well, a million may be a bit of an exageration. It's really only several hundred.). We don't really get to see fall like this in the desert, so this was our little taste of fall. I'll post lots more of the photos soon, but for now, here is a little look at my mom's street through the iphone/instagram lens.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Food Fest


We made a little trip over to the local food and culture festival "Tucson meet yourself" this weekend with my Dad. It was a little too crowded, but still so much fun to try food from so many different countries all in one place. Noah's favorite thing was that they had an exhibit set up showing what the modern street car is going to look like when it's finished. We can't wait to ride it.


Wesley wasn't too sure about the steam pork bun (my favorite, above), but Chris was super psyched about the "zen dog" (below)

Zen dog

Friday, October 12, 2012


Sandbox baby handprint

Lately Wesley has an serious obsession with the sandbox. Anytime he can get outside he makes a B-line for that box, and if the lid is on, he sits on the top looking so hopeful. If I say no sandbox (you wouldn't believe just how dirty he gets after just a couple of minutes. Seriously, in the mouth, the hair, the eyes, the diaper. How does it do that??) he throws a "big-boy" tantrum. Lying down on the floor by the door crying and throwing himself around. This boy knows what he wants.

Anyway, when I opened the lid to the sandbox yesterday there was this little handprint in the partially dried sand. I had to take a picture. I already find myself forgetting so many things about when Noah was tiny, and now Wesley is losing so much of his tiny-ness and becoming a big boy. I just wish I could remember every little piece of having these tiny people in my life (well, except maybe the times when I lose my temper because I haven't slept in a few days...)


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Package from Holy Cheeses!


I got a package in the mail from the SF milkmaid yesterday. Beautiful artisan cheeses wrapped in lovely paper and with descriptions of each. We had arranged a little trade for some photos I took of her little ones and I think I may have gotten the better end of the deal (although the photos were pretty precious since her boys are adorable!). I'm so excited to try these. And, if you happen to be in the sanfrancisco area and want to learn how to make cheese, she offers classes. Go see her website at


Oh, and the molasses cookies (they were for Noah), yum! I hope I can get the recipe.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

1 Year Old


This little boy is one year old. One year old! He is almost walking, almost. He makes monkey sounds, says "hi" and "banana" (in addition the mama and dada) He is sweet and roudy. I love his little cuddles, and how when I was taking pictures of him outside as he sorted rocks, he kept taking breaks to come climb into my lap and sit for a minute.

Despite the cuddles, he is very independent. Pretty much anything I want him to eat has to be in a form he can pick up with his hands. He climbs anything and everything. His favorite thing is to climb onto the dishwasher door when open and try to get things out of the top shelf. If he falls off, the only part of it that bothers him is if he fell off without the desired object.

Since I've done three posts about Wesley (or was it four?) in the last two days, I guess I'm done telling you about him for today. More coming soon.

Birthday Cupcake


A special cupcake for the real birthday. This was before we added the frosting, and in Wesley's opinion, before we made it much less edible :-)



The 1st Birthday Party


We had a sweet little first birthday party at one of our favorite local parks. I made cupcakes and mini-quiches (along with Louisa - thanks Lou!). We spread out blankets, ate cupcakes, drank coffee, and played on the playground.






Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wes' 1st 12 Months, a little walk through time

I can't believe it's been a whole year. Do I say that every time I do one of these birthday posts? Yes? Well, it's true. This time last year I was complaining about the fact that it was still ridiculously hot. It's October for goodness sake! (and yes, it's supposed to be 99 degrees today. At least I'm not pregnant!) Tomorrow my baby boy, the little brother, turns one year old. So here are here first 12 months in photos so you can see him grow to be a one year old all over again. It feels like it went almost this fast the first time.

October, 2011




November, 2011


December, 2011



January, 2012


February, 2012



March, 2012


April, 2012


May, 2012



June, 2012


July, 2012



August, 2012



September, 2012