Friday, November 18, 2011

Mustaches and Family Resemblance

And here is the mustache outfit that Aunt Amy and Uncle Scott sent for Wesley (can you believe they found those adorable little crocheted shoes, and they have mustaches on them!?):

And I know everyone things that Wes looks just like Noah, but here are some photos that might change your mind. I mean, look at those cheeks.

His ears aren't quite as pointy, but the cheeks and nose look the same, don't you think?


glo said...

Cute post! Definitely a resemblance...I see Chris' eyes there too. Can't wait to see you!

Juliana said...

Hmmmm. Maybe he looks like his parents but I can't get past the Noah resemblance. There aren't any experiments in cloning going on in Chris' classroom, are there?

Amy said...

He's Mama's boy I think! I can see how he looks different from Noah.

I love this post Emery.

And that picture of your mom at the end. So sweet.