Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Little Sleepers


These first couple of weeks since Wesley was born have been a big transition for Noah, as we knew it would be. One of the hardest things has been adapting our bedtime routine to include a newborn who wants to nurse nonstop during the hours when Noah is used to having mama lie down with him for a while and sing him to sleep. Although you might question my methods, I've been really careful to still lie down with him for a while every night to make sure he knows I'm still here for him. The hard part was when Wesley couldn't wait any longer, and I would have to sit up and Noah would toss and turn beside me, trying to go to sleep.
Anyway, things are actually going well, especially since the last couple of nights Noah has asked for baby Wesley to lie down with us. He's even been okay with Wesley being in the middle, as long as I can still pat his back. Last night I got up and saw that my sweet baby boys were sleeping in almost the same position and I told Chris he had to come look because it was too dark to take a picture. Chris decided it was worth flashing them, and I'm so glad he did (they didn't even notice).

p.s. I didn't leave them in there that way, in case anyone was worried :-)

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Amy said...

Love love love this post.

Those cute boys. And Noah, what a sweet big brother.