Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grandaddy's Here


Wesley turned 2 weeks old yesterday and he's already changed so much. Such a sweet little guy. I know I need to be posting a lot more photos! Here he is looking at the flower Noah picked for him.


My flower was neatly displayed for me to look at (and luckily not eat) right there in my cup.
I can't believe how grown up Noah looks to me lately. He's been a very sweet big brother lately, giving lots of kisses and telling Wesley, "it's okay." He also scolds me if I drive the car faster than he thinks is appropriate because he says it will wake up his baby brother and "that's rude".


Noah has been getting some packages lately from our wonderful families who are trying to help with the transition for him. This big box was almost just as exciting as the toys that came in it, especially when Chris turned it into a space shuttle.


I promise to try to post photos of these sweet boys more often. I want to remember every moment of this time that seems to fly by so fast.


Patti said...

Noah does look very grown up. Give him a big bear hug and I can't wait to see him and Wesley. And of course mom and dad.

Amy said...

Thanks for posting Em. It's true, especially those of us far away love it!

Noah does look big.. hee! And what a sweet boy, getting you flowers.