Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good thing he's skinny

A quick trip to the model train museum today started with a little accident just inside the doorway (all those trains, who has time to go to the potty?)...
On no, we couldn't leave just after we got there, Noah would be so crushed, but he couldn't exactly walk around naked and we didn't bring extra shorts.
There was a pair of newborn pants in the diaper bag as a spare though... Good thing he's skinny.

And we had a great time looking at the model trains (except Wesley, because he slept the whole time). And, Noah didn't even want to change pants when we got home. Turns out he thought they were comfortable.

I know you're wanting to see more photos of baby Wesley, who is changing every day. I promise to try to post something tomorrow!


Amy said...

LOL! This is hilarious. Love the pants.

June had a similar accident at the State Fair in AK shortly after we moved here. Only it was in a sand-box type thing filled with wood shavings where there were all these toys to play with. I can't remember what we did... I think she had to go wet. :(

Amy said...

P.S. Miles loves seeing Noah on the blog. When on Safari he sees your blog (usually with a picture of Noah) on the home page with all the thumbnails, we have to check it out. Like this morning as we sit down to watch some cartoons so I can take a shower.

I miss you Emery.

Louella said...

This is a great story of flexibiity! We're just now crashing into the wall of laundry that has awaited us (and grows w each day). As we sorted and folder and gasped at the number of separate piles, Alan suggested we condense things a bit: maybe just combine Abel and Langston's waredrobes- much like what you just came up with! ;)