Monday, October 31, 2011

A whole lot of pumpkin

I started yesterday by making a loaf of pumpkin bread with pumpkin seeds and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.



And then we went on a little outing (to Albertson's... I guess the pumpkin patch will just have to wait until next year, again) to pick out some perfect pumpkins for a latenight pumpkin carving party (latenight is relative of course).



We are doing trick-or-treating tonight, so I'll try to post some costume pictures tomorrow, but for a preview, here are Chris and Noah on their way to school this morning. Noah's school was having a crazy hat day rather than having all the kids wear costumes all day (later this evening he'll be dressed as curious George... that's why Chris is dressed as the man in the yellow hat).



And poor little Wesley has a stuffy and we all know that can make the best of us pretty cranky. Here he is sleeping peacefully yesterday morning in his swing.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Little Sleepers


These first couple of weeks since Wesley was born have been a big transition for Noah, as we knew it would be. One of the hardest things has been adapting our bedtime routine to include a newborn who wants to nurse nonstop during the hours when Noah is used to having mama lie down with him for a while and sing him to sleep. Although you might question my methods, I've been really careful to still lie down with him for a while every night to make sure he knows I'm still here for him. The hard part was when Wesley couldn't wait any longer, and I would have to sit up and Noah would toss and turn beside me, trying to go to sleep.
Anyway, things are actually going well, especially since the last couple of nights Noah has asked for baby Wesley to lie down with us. He's even been okay with Wesley being in the middle, as long as I can still pat his back. Last night I got up and saw that my sweet baby boys were sleeping in almost the same position and I told Chris he had to come look because it was too dark to take a picture. Chris decided it was worth flashing them, and I'm so glad he did (they didn't even notice).

p.s. I didn't leave them in there that way, in case anyone was worried :-)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good thing he's skinny

A quick trip to the model train museum today started with a little accident just inside the doorway (all those trains, who has time to go to the potty?)...
On no, we couldn't leave just after we got there, Noah would be so crushed, but he couldn't exactly walk around naked and we didn't bring extra shorts.
There was a pair of newborn pants in the diaper bag as a spare though... Good thing he's skinny.

And we had a great time looking at the model trains (except Wesley, because he slept the whole time). And, Noah didn't even want to change pants when we got home. Turns out he thought they were comfortable.

I know you're wanting to see more photos of baby Wesley, who is changing every day. I promise to try to post something tomorrow!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grandaddy's Here


Wesley turned 2 weeks old yesterday and he's already changed so much. Such a sweet little guy. I know I need to be posting a lot more photos! Here he is looking at the flower Noah picked for him.


My flower was neatly displayed for me to look at (and luckily not eat) right there in my cup.
I can't believe how grown up Noah looks to me lately. He's been a very sweet big brother lately, giving lots of kisses and telling Wesley, "it's okay." He also scolds me if I drive the car faster than he thinks is appropriate because he says it will wake up his baby brother and "that's rude".


Noah has been getting some packages lately from our wonderful families who are trying to help with the transition for him. This big box was almost just as exciting as the toys that came in it, especially when Chris turned it into a space shuttle.


I promise to try to post photos of these sweet boys more often. I want to remember every moment of this time that seems to fly by so fast.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wesley: 1 Week Old

This is one sweet little baby. He sleeps at night, waking up only once or twice. He sleeps during the day, on his co-sleeper, for long stretches.

When we took him in for his 1 week checkup yesterday he already weighed 8lbs 3 oz - they're only expecting them to gain back their birthweight by that visit! I think he's going to be a big eater.


He has the long Edwards toes...



He also has an impressive scowl. If you look closely, you might be able to see the evidence of how much his big brother loves him in the form of dried snot all over his hair. Toddler kisses are so sweet.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Portrait (and a few extra)

Here we are, a family of four. Can you believe it? And can you believe how big Noah looks all of a sudden?!


I cropped this one, even though Chris looked cute in it, just because I like the closeness of me with my little boys right here. It feels really special.




Friday, October 7, 2011

He's Here!

Wesley James, born October 5th, 2011
7lbs 14oz 19in
We were so lucky to have a fast, simple birth in the middle of the day. Noah Kai is a proud big brother, and we're so excited to add Wesley to our family! I'll try to post more detail when I've gotten some sleep!






Monday, October 3, 2011

Green Trolley Trip

A Sunday afternoon ride on the 4th Ave Trolley. We rode up and down, up and down, and then back up to meet Steve and Tasha for a slice of pizza. All through dinner Noah wanted to get back on "my green trolley," so we caught the last trip back to our car, and even got to ride into the trolley barn and see where the trolleys sleep. Good thing, because I don't know how else we were going to leave...

According to Noah, "the trolley has two mans. A driver man and a conductor man. They were talking. And they were very nice." He corrected daddy when he said, "trolley garage." "Trolley barn, daddy!"

This trolley came from Japan, and it still has all the old Japanese signs and old advertisements. We were sad to find out that it's going to stop running at the end of this month because the city is tearing up the street. Good thing we decided to go when we did! Tucson friends, you had better hurry up and check it out! Only 25 cents each way on Sundays.

P.S. Just four more days until the due date. Nothing yet :-)