Thursday, September 22, 2011


I went a little early to pick Noah up yesterday afternoon and couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures (look at the content, not the photo quality...). I love to see them all gathered around the little table compaing lunches. It's fun to see what each kid thinks of as a good snack.

After snacktime was playground time. They have a little circuit around the two poles. You wouldn't believe how fast they get those tricycles going!

Looking back in toward the classroom:

I know this doesn't give you a great idea of what the school actually looks like. But I've been wanting to do a post about Noah's new preschool for two months now, so it's about time I shared at least some photos of it. I almost took a picture of my computer screen yesterday so I could post and say, "Here's what I've been up too..." Yikes. Too much working. But, on the very brite site, I'm earning a lot of extra paid time off!

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