Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is it Fall yet??

Well, the huge rainstorm we had in Tucson tonight at least made it cool enough to open the doors and windows and let in some fresh air for a while, but really, with temps still hovering around 100 degrees or so it doesn't actually feel like fall. Despite the fact that I'm feeling overheated almost all the time now (except in my ridiculously air-conditioned office), I've been wanting to crank up the oven and bake. I guess I couldn't wait any longer, so Thursday night it was chocolate chip cookies. Friday night, with a brunch potluck at Noah's preschool coming up in the morning, pumpkin muffins. 46 of them to be exact (due to a miscalculation in how many cans of pumpkin I should open at one time...). It was worth it.

All ready for the potluck.


... said...

Wow! That's a lot of muffins.

I don't know if I told you yet but I have gone gluten free and so am embarking on a whole new world of cooking without gluten. It is helping my digestion a lot.

Anyway, I am very impressed by 46 muffins.

emery_rose said...

Wow, Amy, I'm impressed with going gluten free. I've always imagined that it would be pretty difficult. I bet there are a lot of things you can do once you get the hang of it though. I'll try to sneak you some gluten-free pastry recipes from Epic :-)