Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Granola bars!


Chris has been asking me to make granola bars ever since the first time I made granola (which I've been making every single week lately). But today was my first attempt. I get a daily recipe email from weelicious.com, which I usually don't get to make, but this one I was thinking about all day long (click here for a link to the post and the recipe). I wanted those chocolate chip granola bars!


They were just as good as I was hoping, and easy!

All wrapped up for school lunches

And have I mentioned lately how incredibly adorable this two-year-old is? He calls me "mom," like a very grown up boy. Today at school when I got there his teacher told him, "Noah, Mama is here." He informed her, "Miss Susie, her name is Emery."


He's into pretending to be all kinds of animals. He talks, and talks, and talks... one of those little kids who just wants to talk about everything, nonstop, all the time. He's incredibly friendly, and wants to know everyone's name. I can't believe his memory for things, even that happened a long time ago (at least in two-year-old time). And oh boy, you should have seen the dissapointment, despair, and carrying-on that ensued when I refused to let him eat a second granola bar before bed. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought they were awesome :-)



Chris said...

The granola bar picture is great, but the amazing part is the last picture of him! He smiles like this so much it melts my heart to see it preserved in this photo.

... said...


I agree with Chris about that smile. :)

natasha said...

Those granola bars look so good. Thanks for the inspiration! Love that story about Noah telling his teacher your name. What a sweet little boy.