Monday, August 29, 2011

What happened here?

For my birthday last weekend in Flagstaff, my mom and I decided to make a carrot cake. The same one that I've made several times recently, and always turns out great. We picked carrots from the garden, which were perfect.

And then, of course, did not exactly follow the recipe (my mom likes to substitute...), but look what happened!

All over the bottom of the stove. It actually still tasted really good though. So, was it (a) using olive oil and butter instead of canola oil, (b) using half whole wheat flour instead of just all-purpose flour, or (c) the altitude in Flagstaff?


JoAnne said...

It had to be the altitude! Glad it tasted good though.

JoAnne said...

P.S. How 'bout publishing the recipe and we can all try it at different altitudes and let you know :-)

Anonymous said...

At least it was delicious!!! Guess what? The same thing happened to Sena's carrot cupcakes I made for her 1st birthday. I added more flour and the second batch turned out better. I think it was the altitude and probably the olive oil making it less dense.

... said...

No baking powder?

I'm voting for olive oil/butter.

It's a mystery!

emery_rose said...

The recipe is here:
I've posted it before because (in Tucson) it's the easiest and best carrot cake ever. I made it for Noah's birthday lots of others. If anybody tries it at other altitudes, I'll be interested to hear...