Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lightning and Bunder

Last night's wonderful lightning storm monsoon was so nice to fall asleep to. Noah woke up just enough to notice the "bunder" that he could hear outside. Tonight he fell asleep with no pacifier, saying that he was going back to school tomorrow. A big boy. I've been amazed by how quickly he's taken to the new school. He doesn't want to leave in the afternoons when I get there.
"Just two more minutes." "Two more minutes."
He loves the playground, and tonight when he asked me to tell a bedtime story he wanted one about "Noah and his friends." He's a social little boy.
We're getting close to potty training. He wears underwear to go out half the time, and hardly any accidents! 
Another favorite recent saying is when he wants a lot of something, he asks for "five ones." That means a lot. Even though he can count above ten without any trouble. Five is still the most you can have.
We've been struggling with some typical toddler behavior, but most of the time he's so much fun to play with and talk to. I just don't want to forget some of these favorite little things.
One more: The other day we went to visit Sara and Eva and the new baby. I told Noah that Eva's baby brother had been born, and we were going to visit. He asked, "where's my own baby brother?"
After we left he kept saying, "Eva's baby brother. He was born today." He's been asking about his baby brother a lot since then, and playing with baby Joseph. He seems really excited to be a big brother. It'll be fun to see his reaction when it really happens :)


JoAnne said...

So sweet. I love hearing all about Noah - it's ALMOST as good as getting to see him.

Patti said...

JoAnne, almost as good, but I miss them all soooooo much!

gordon uncle-in-law said...

so good to hear noah is asking about his little brother and has a role model to mimic. it's such a big deal to be joined by a sibling...the more preparation the better. it will be great to find out his reaction when the baby is real in his life!!!!