Monday, August 29, 2011

What happened here?

For my birthday last weekend in Flagstaff, my mom and I decided to make a carrot cake. The same one that I've made several times recently, and always turns out great. We picked carrots from the garden, which were perfect.

And then, of course, did not exactly follow the recipe (my mom likes to substitute...), but look what happened!

All over the bottom of the stove. It actually still tasted really good though. So, was it (a) using olive oil and butter instead of canola oil, (b) using half whole wheat flour instead of just all-purpose flour, or (c) the altitude in Flagstaff?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fishing with a "real hook"

For my birthday we went on a picknick outside Flagstaff. We had pulled pork sandwiches and Juliana's delicious coleslaw. There was only a puddle, but that didn't stop Noah from enjoying casting and reeling in his little fishing pole weight.



The next morning though, we went to the pond near Flagstaff middle school, and Noah got to use a real hook! There were two little girls fishing just down the way from us with their dad, and Noah saw them catch a fish. We didn't catch anything though, except for a crawdad that my mom caught with a noodle tied to a string. Noah was fascinated and happy. And we were happy not to have to deal with any fish :)



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Butterfly Wings

I have a bunch of photos from flagstaff to share, but I haven't uploaded them and sorted through them yet, so here is a picture from my phone yesterday morning to tide you over. I found these wings at goodwill last year and Noah discovered them yesterday morning hanging above his window. He was so excited to put them on and trapse around the house.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indoor Fishing trip

So here we are, what the rest of you non-desert-dwellers experience in February or so, with CABIN FEVER! So ready for it to be cool enough to go outside, to leave the door open, just to be somewhere other than in an air-conditioned house. Anyway... Noah has been just dying for some more fishing (watch out Nana and Papo, I told him that you have a canoe). For a hot afternoon though, we had a lot of fun in this little green "boat" on the dining room table. This was something that Chris mentioned his dad used to do. I sat under the table attaching magnets and other items to the weight on the fishing line, and we had a blast!

Summer Treat: Mango Sorbet


This time of year in Tucson you can find really amazing, really cheap, really ripe mangoes and it's hard to resist buying them when they're like that. We usually eat them up, but I had a few extra that really needed to be eaten, so here's what I made.
I used a recipe that called for:
4 ripe mangos
2 Tbsp lime juice
1 C simple syrup
I guess you might want the simple syrup if your mangos were just okay, but these mangos didn't need any sweetener so I left that out.
You just puree the ingredients and then put them in an ice cream maker. We have the kind that fits onto a kitchen aid mixer, so this much easier than pie :)



And voila! It was delicious.


Or, if you don't have an ice cream maker. The mango and lime puree made wonderful popsicles too. Chris thought they were especially good with some chili powder (Mango con chile is his favorite kind of Mexican popsicle).


Monday, August 15, 2011

Major Milestone

This is Noah showing off his new big boy item of clothing. We have finally reached a point of diapers only at night! He's wearing underpants all day long, even at school, and having very few accidents. We've been working on it for a long time, and all of a sudden last week he insisted that he was not willing to wear a diaper, not even a pull-up. Only underpants. And the other night at Trader Joe's he left his little cart behind and ran toward the bathroom. We have a big boy!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Morning: Fishing with Daddy

Ever since Oklahoma, Noah has been really interested in Fishing. Chris has been saying he wanted to take him. He even got his old tackle box from his mom's garage before we left Amarillo. I was still surprised though, when he said he was going to get up Sunday morning and take Noah in the bike trailer to a lake/pond/city park up the bike path from us for some fishing. Noah was so excited. Biking + Fishing = a great morning.

(P.s. great photo Chris!! And thank you so much for the morning at home by myself)

Breakfast Buffet


Don't you ever feel a little indecisive about what you want to eat for breakfast? How about everything in colorful bowls all laid out in front of you? Sounds good to me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

White Sands

Obviously this post is a little out of order. This was from our trip back to Tucson from Amarillo. We thought Noah would just love the white sand. Actually, he cried almost the whole time because he absolutely did not want the sand sticking to him (which, between sweat and sunscreen he was out of luck on that one). Oh well, maybe he'll love it next time...


After he saw my pedicure, he wanted pretty toenails too


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lightning and Bunder

Last night's wonderful lightning storm monsoon was so nice to fall asleep to. Noah woke up just enough to notice the "bunder" that he could hear outside. Tonight he fell asleep with no pacifier, saying that he was going back to school tomorrow. A big boy. I've been amazed by how quickly he's taken to the new school. He doesn't want to leave in the afternoons when I get there.
"Just two more minutes." "Two more minutes."
He loves the playground, and tonight when he asked me to tell a bedtime story he wanted one about "Noah and his friends." He's a social little boy.
We're getting close to potty training. He wears underwear to go out half the time, and hardly any accidents! 
Another favorite recent saying is when he wants a lot of something, he asks for "five ones." That means a lot. Even though he can count above ten without any trouble. Five is still the most you can have.
We've been struggling with some typical toddler behavior, but most of the time he's so much fun to play with and talk to. I just don't want to forget some of these favorite little things.
One more: The other day we went to visit Sara and Eva and the new baby. I told Noah that Eva's baby brother had been born, and we were going to visit. He asked, "where's my own baby brother?"
After we left he kept saying, "Eva's baby brother. He was born today." He's been asking about his baby brother a lot since then, and playing with baby Joseph. He seems really excited to be a big brother. It'll be fun to see his reaction when it really happens :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wild Raspberry Adventure

Sunday morning we went on a raspberry picking adventure up on our very own Mt Lemmon. Steve clued us in to the location of a secret patch of wild raspberries. We couldn't resist, especially since they're one of Noah's very favorite things. It was a little bit of a hike to get there, especially with Noah jumping off each rock, but so worth it.


There were so many raspberries that Noah just sat and ate and ate and ate them while we picked. He even picked a few himself once he started to get full.





Apparently, hiking and raspberry picking are very tiring. He was sound asleep halfway down to the car.