Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Road Trip

I already blogged about our trip to wonderland last Monday, but I skipped over Albuquerque, and we've been doing a lot since we've been here, so this one is overlapping and catching up.

We left Tucson last Friday. Our fist stop was Albuquerque, where we stayed for two nights with my aunt and uncle and their kids. Noah really loves the big kids. The first night we went to a concert at the zoo. The music was great, and Noah was super happy with the glow necklace, animals, and chocolate ice cream.


More ice cream??

The next morning a trip to REI and then to the Explora (kind of like a children's discovery museum). Noah loved the place, especially the giant bubbles. Chris liked the tight rope bicycle ride.



Sunday we headed to Amarillo to make it for Xander's 2nd birthday in the evening. It was hot outside, but the kiddie pool kept the little guys happy.


Grandma Patti's pool is always a lot of fun for cooling down too, and uncle Scott was sure fun for Noah to play with.



Wednesday I went with all the girls for a pedicure at the local salon. I've never had designs on my toenails before, but I felt like I fit in just a tiny bit better in Texas with these:


Thursday it was a trip to the lake for the rest of the week with Dennis and Lisa and everybody to stay in the big RV. The lake was really low so we had to boat out to a little island offshore to find a sandy beach, but the boys had a great time swimming, boating, and playing in the sand.

One evening we decided to head back out to the island at sunset and watch the stars come out from the floating island. They couldn't possibly have come out any slower though, with Noah asking, "Where'd the stars go? Where's the other stars? Where'd the stars go?..." Over and over and over again. He sang twinkle little star a few times to help them along, but oh boy, I think he's going to be a talker.


Saturday we left the lake to meet our friend Kristin and her two kids, Ani and Ian for some camping in Oklahoma. They moved away from Tucson last year, and we had grand plans of driving all the way to Arkansas to visit them, but we chickened out. Luckily Kristin was willing to drive a ways and meet us though. We stayed at a pretty campground that had a fishing pond and a pool. Good thing for the pool, because it was HOT! We were thinking of staying two nights, but after it didn't cool down at all until 3am or so, and there wasn't even enough of a breeze to rattle the tree leaves, we decided to tree back in the afternoon instead.


Ian and Ani brought their fishing poles, and so when Chris went into town in the morning to pick up more ice for the cooler, he came back with a pole for Noah, which made for a very happy little boy. Noah and Ani just casted with weights, but Ian tried with a hook. We didn't catch anything, but it was sure exciting. I don't think that's going to be the last time Noah goes fishing either, judging by his enthusiasm for it.


This morning, back in Amarillo, Noah was scoping out Patti's garage. I couldn't help snapping this one of my perfect little American tourist. I think he's ready for hawaii again...



natasha said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Can't believe how much Noah has grown!!! LOVE the pedicure. :)

JoAnne said...

Glad you're home and that you had a wonderful trip. Sorry we didn't get to see you though. It's so hot here that we're at the point of thinking that 95 degrees is a cold wave :) It's been a loooong hot summer...
Love to all,