Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summertime in Flagstaff

Chris and I really lucked out this week because Chris was accepted to a workshop on teaching genetics to 8 graders. He's actually getting paid for it, and we get to spend the week in Flagstaff, which is soooo nice this time of year.


Noah says he thinks we should move here. After going out watering with Nana and then making pancakes, plus all the other fun things to do, I can understand why.




Patti said...

These are great pictures. I bet he does like getting to be outside more in Flagstaff thann in Tucson. We finally got some rain last night. Love ya,

... said...

The flower photo is certainly beautiful.

PS Miles talks about Noah all the time. Especially when we pick out different colored dishes. I wonder how long that will stick? :)