Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blueberry morning

Making pancakes on a weekday morning is not a common practice for me. We do pretty much cereal or oatmeal on those days when (no matter how early we get up) we're scrambling to get everybody ready and out of the house (these days to get me to work by, oh, ten o'clock. yikes.)
Friday morning though, even though I had to get to work, when Noah got up and wanted pancakes I just couldn't refuse. Blueberry pancakes seemed like the right thing to do. And by the appreciate I got, I was glad I made them!

blueberry face

I thought I was going to have more photos to post, but it turns out that being Tucson in the summer and 110 degrees or so every day this week, all the photos I had included toddlers not wearing any clothes. We're headed up to Flagstaff tomorrow so maybe I'll have more photos to post soon :)

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Xochi Mama said...

It is kind of funny that all the photos are of toddlers running around diaper-less in the water!