Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alaska Trip, Mine Train

After a nice, mellow day on Sunday (at least for Amy and I, I think Chris and Adam went on a long bike ride), the kids and Adam and Chris and I headed north to an old mine site. I can't remember the name of the pass, but it was way up high in the mountains. I think the hike seemed longer than it actually was due to Noah crying for me to carry him all the way up (we're trying to let him get used to Chris carrying him when he wants to be carried in hopes of saving my back). Getting to the top and seeing a Noah-sized train and this view made it all worth it for everybody though.



Most of the old mine buildings were crumbling back into the landscape

Good thing the train stays in one spot...
June started to get a blister on her foot, and Noah got tired after walking quite a ways down the mountain. Here are the daddies carrying all the kids and all the stuff (while I took pictures, of course), just chatting like a pair of pack mules.


Enjoying a well-deserved pasta dinner out on the deck

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