Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alaska Trip, day 1

We arrived at Adam and Amy's house in Anchorage, AK on Friday night, and we've been busy ever since. It's hard to get ourselves to go to bed with the daylight until well after midnight, but we're actually catching up on sleep. Noah has been sleeping more here so far than he does at home. I guess he's a good traveler. Plus, having June and Miles to play with ALL DAY LONG probably helps tire him out a bit.

Our first morning was spent wandering around downtown Anchorage, which is a very pretty walk from the house. A great bakery/coffee shop stop halfway didn't hurt. A cozy place with chocolate croissants and roasted veggie focacia... We were already happy with the trip.

Chris, Amy, and Adam on the river walk just behind their house on the way to downtown

Fire Island Bakeshop

After the bakery we walked through the neighborhoods admiring all the flowering trees and picking out which house we liked the best on the street. I love these pink flowers, and of course the pretty ladies in front of them.

Amy and June

After naptime we headed to the little town of Girdwood, home of the best playground I've ever seen in my life. Noah thought he'd like to stay right there forever.
We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant and then went out for ice cream. I got the feeling Adam and Amy were trying to get us to like Alaska. What do you think?

Enjoying the playground

These boys made short work of their ice cream

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Patti said...

No, only because Tucson is far enough away! :)
Looks like y'all (Texas talk) are having fun!
Love ya.