Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Class" Cupcakes

Since we decided not to have a big birthday party with all of Noah's buddies from his class, I brought in cupcakes today. Noah helped me make the cake yesterday, and then Cheryl and her baby, Tyler, came over to help with icing them. I wish I could blame Cheryl for the grey frosting, but the truth is that it was my poor judgement (and trusting the lid color of the food coloring) that made the ugliest frosting color ever. At least the blue was pretty...

The final product isn't too bad, but that grey color is amazing huh?

Noah helping with the cupcake baking. He added more sugar while I was taking the picture, so I'm not sure whether the measurement came out just right...

And here they are enjoying them. I don't think the boys minded that the frosting was partially grey, or that the cupcakes were carrot.



I have a video too, but I have to wait until Chris gets home so I can get him to log in to his youtube account and upload it for you. I promise I'll post it soon.


glo said...

What a nice mommy!

... said...

They look yummy to me.

Patti said...

I like the gray and blue! Noah seems to be enjoying all this cupcake business!