Saturday, May 7, 2011

The 1st 2nd Birthday party

Since many of Noah's friends are close to his age, May will be a month filled with 2nd birthday parties. Eva's was the first one, and it was a blast. Every time I ask Noah what he would like for his birthday he says, "Cake." And he's serious about it. Check out his crouching position to eat Eva's lovely cupcakes.



He wasn't sure about how to eat a cupcake. This unusual child almost always prefers to eat with a fork, even for pizza. He mostly just licked all the frosting off the top.


Present time. You can see Eva's eyes starting to droop a little bit. Being birthday girl is a lot of work.


Noah was coveting Eva's new tricycle vespa, complete with music and a honking horn.



Patti said...

I love that crouching sit. Chris would sit like that all the time.

natasha said...

I covet that vespa tricycle! It's awesome. I'm glad Noah has his priorities straight when it comes to cupcake-eating. Icing is definitely the most important part. :)

JoAnne said...

It sure made my Mother's Day happy to see your latest posts of our darling boy! Thanks and love to all. Gram

Xochi Mama said...

This was a great post! We had so much fun.