Thursday, April 7, 2011

Noah's Art

Noah gets to paint really often at school, and his wonderful teachers bring in all kinds of things for the kids to experiment with. He absolutely loves to paint, especially with green lately. These first two paintings were sent home with him from school, and the last one we did at home. I love the bright colors and how he places them separate from each other sometimes. An artistic eye.

On a canvas board with very thick powder paint

Finger paint with glitter

Plain old (but still oh-so-fun) finger paint

Another expression of individuality


Patti said...

Love the paintings, but the shoes are the best! He does have me LOL.
Love to all,

Chris said...

Just wait till we start sculpting with bike parts together!

Amy said...

This reminds me so much of our lives lately. I have been fascinated with Milo's paintings. He gets really into it. That thick earthy stuff Noah has from school looks really cool. We just use watercolors. I love the mismatched shoes too. Miles is often in mismatched socks. I'm super excited for these boys to meet and play together. That will be pretty cool to watch!