Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hawaii, Big Island: Part I

We've been enjoying Hawaii so much so far, and have seen relatively little evidence of tsunami damage. A few of the shops in Kona's downtown this morning were still closed because of lack of power, and a few buildings had suffered more damage. Some of the local business owners were also lamenting the closed pier, which prevents to loads of cruise ship passengers from coming there to shop. We enjoyed the slow day though, and bought some interesting fruits at the local farmer's market. Apple bananas and strawberry papayas were a hit, starfruit was so-so. I think Noah ate four bananas himself on the way back to the car.

Our condo is amazing. We probably would have been out doing more if we didn't have a big patio with comfy chairs looking out on the ocean, where we've been seeing tons of whales. We did venture to the other side of the island though, to Hilo and Volcano national park, so I'll post a sampling of photos so far. 

About a half mile from our condo is a nice beach. Noah loves building sand castles!


There's also a pool in our complex, and we've sure been enjoying having uncle Colin around. It's been over a year since we'd seen him.


The whole island is covered in lava flows, which is amazing. Noah has been interested in the different textures, and he really enjoyed walking through the lava tube.


At Volcano National Park, looking at the steam rising from an active volcano

"Please, Mama?" All smoothies should look like this

In Kona this morning, my mom and Noah found a hermit crab to play with.


I'm sure I'll be posting tons more photos, and probably (hopefully) better ones, but I haven't had much time for editing or anything and I know there are a least a few of you out there who want to see what we're up to :)

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Family vacation! How lovely.