Wednesday, March 30, 2011

500th post!

I finally downloaded my smaller camera this evening and discovered a bunch more hawaii photos. I know I said that the last post was the last hawaii post. But, this is my blog so I can do whatever I want :)

Also, I noticed that this is my 500th post on this blog! I can hardly believe I've done so many. Think I can do 500 more? (I think I'd better. Did I already mention that we have another baby coming along in October? I think 500 more posts will be a challenge!)

So, here are a few more photos of our wonderful trip to Hawaii. Nothing at home has been quite as exciting since.

Throwing golf balls that were retrieved from the lava field


At the beach with Nana. He asked for "more ocean" the other day


Okay, I'll move on from Hawaii for now. Coming right up is a post about Tucson.


Gina said...

Wow! Congratulations Em!
I'm referring to that little treasure of information you slipped in there about Noah becoming a big brother this October! That is so exciting. Congratulations to you, Chris and Noah!
I can't wait to hear more! And meet the new little one sometime next fall!


gordon uncle-in-law said...

thanks for the 500, may we have 5000 more love ya