Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A weekend of Tucson fun

Sunday morning we headed downtown for an event called Cyclovia. A lot of the streets were completely closed to cars, and we rode around the loop along with tons of other cyclists and walkers. Chris has been taking Noah to school in the mornings on the bike (a little over 5 miles) and they've been loving it. Obviously, Noah is his father's son, and we are a bike-riding family!


(This is out of order, but) here is a cake that I helped Cheryl make for her son Tyler's first birthday party. A "cut-up" cake. The frosting was soooo delicious. It turns out measuring is over-rated.


We went strait from Cyclovia to Tyler's birthday party (which started right around nap time). All the kids and ball games and cake made up for the lack up nap though, and we had a great time.


And lastly, A little Noah-Daddy love in the garden. We planted some tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro. A simple salsa garden to enjoy this summer. I'll post some more photos of the finished product soon. My wonderful husband braved a week of allergies to make us a beautiful backyard garden.


500th post!

I finally downloaded my smaller camera this evening and discovered a bunch more hawaii photos. I know I said that the last post was the last hawaii post. But, this is my blog so I can do whatever I want :)

Also, I noticed that this is my 500th post on this blog! I can hardly believe I've done so many. Think I can do 500 more? (I think I'd better. Did I already mention that we have another baby coming along in October? I think 500 more posts will be a challenge!)

So, here are a few more photos of our wonderful trip to Hawaii. Nothing at home has been quite as exciting since.

Throwing golf balls that were retrieved from the lava field


At the beach with Nana. He asked for "more ocean" the other day


Okay, I'll move on from Hawaii for now. Coming right up is a post about Tucson.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One more Hawaii post

A few more from Hawaii. The lava flows were pretty amazing. Just endless black rock that had flowed over older black rock. These two are from the middle of the island where there isn't much vegetation. Those yellow flowers were pretty though!



A banana flower (top photo) and new little bananas (lower photo). Isn't it neat how they're purple?



Uncle Colin showed us all around the island. This Banyan tree was amazing. The trunk was enormous, and then all the branches grow back down to the ground and start growing there, so it felt like a big tree dome with tunnels leading in and out.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Island, Part II: Visiting our Hawaii Cousins

My cousin Peter and his wife, Blanka, live on the Big Island with their three little ones. My aunt and uncle also happened to be visiting Hawaii the same time we were, so we had a little family reunion pizza party. Noah really enjoyed getting to play with the kids after several days of just us adults.

This little guy was born in December, isn't he adorable??

The kids were really nice to Noah. Karsten was loading firewood into a wagon, and as he went, he was saying "watch out for Noah. Watch out for Noah."

A really cool tree houses where the kids had some potted plants growing. Their tiny snap peas were yummy!

Peter was having some trouble with the Camera. Nothing Noah couldn't fix though...
I still have at least one more Hawaii post coming along, as soon as I can get over my jet lag and get the house cleaned up enough to take the time to look through all the photos. Soon, I promise!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hawaii, Big Island: Part I

We've been enjoying Hawaii so much so far, and have seen relatively little evidence of tsunami damage. A few of the shops in Kona's downtown this morning were still closed because of lack of power, and a few buildings had suffered more damage. Some of the local business owners were also lamenting the closed pier, which prevents to loads of cruise ship passengers from coming there to shop. We enjoyed the slow day though, and bought some interesting fruits at the local farmer's market. Apple bananas and strawberry papayas were a hit, starfruit was so-so. I think Noah ate four bananas himself on the way back to the car.

Our condo is amazing. We probably would have been out doing more if we didn't have a big patio with comfy chairs looking out on the ocean, where we've been seeing tons of whales. We did venture to the other side of the island though, to Hilo and Volcano national park, so I'll post a sampling of photos so far. 

About a half mile from our condo is a nice beach. Noah loves building sand castles!


There's also a pool in our complex, and we've sure been enjoying having uncle Colin around. It's been over a year since we'd seen him.


The whole island is covered in lava flows, which is amazing. Noah has been interested in the different textures, and he really enjoyed walking through the lava tube.


At Volcano National Park, looking at the steam rising from an active volcano

"Please, Mama?" All smoothies should look like this

In Kona this morning, my mom and Noah found a hermit crab to play with.


I'm sure I'll be posting tons more photos, and probably (hopefully) better ones, but I haven't had much time for editing or anything and I know there are a least a few of you out there who want to see what we're up to :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Water Plants

We had a fun afternoon of taking the car in for an oil change. Noah was a great sport, just sitting and watching cars go by outside. When we came home, Noah got out of the car, walked to the hose, and asked, "water plants?"
Well, somebody ought to remember the poor plants!

This kept him busy for at least a half an hour

Maybe we'll turn out to be better gardeners this year.


The fruits of his labor

This evening Chris came home from being out of town for a few days backpacking. When I told Noah he was coming home he clapped and shouted, "Yeah! Dada coming!!" We really missed him.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Camping Bus" Weekend

The "Camping Bus" is Dennis and Lisa's RV, where we spent last weekend in a campground outside of Apache junction. We packed the weekend really full with the Renaissance Festival and the Biosphere 2 tour, plus "camping." Noah was very excited about the idea of being in the "bus."

Enjoying the butterfly swings, just for toddlers, at the Renaissance Festival

A very favorite portrait, Taken by Chris

Chris took this one too, while I was taking a nap. I really love the feel of it.

The beginning of the Biosphere 2 tour, when we still thought it might be a fun place for a toddler...

Snow in Tucson!!