Friday, February 25, 2011

Noah, 21 Months (and a few days)

I haven't done a monthly post for Noah in way too long. They all start to be sort of a blur, and to tell you the truth, I had to count on my fingers to figure out how many months he actually is right now (and it's possible that I might be wrong...)

My friend Amy's blog, which I've always taken a ton of inspiration from (I hope you don't mind Amy), had a post about her son recently that made me realize there are some things about Noah right now that I don't want to forget.

Noah, 21 Months:

Every time he sneezes, he says "bless you" to himself. It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. He also says it to other people when they sneeze (and he usually laughs at them).

He is talking so much I can hardly believe it. He says little sentenses like, "I got it!"; "I see it";  "Banana please mama."

He sings constantly. This week he's been singing a song that goes, "Star star star, starry night. Moon moon moon, moon at night." And another one from a choo-choo train video that he loves, "all aboard the choo-choo train, all aboard the choo-choo train (he pronounces it like, "a-board choo-choo nain." One of his very favorite songs, still, is about Da-da's tools. He is obsessed with tools.

We visited my dad last week, and since we got home Noah has been saying "Da-daddy's truck." I ask him if he misses his granddaddy and he says, "Yeah. Bye-bye." I wish all the grandparents lived a lot closer.

He loves to ride on the baby seat on the back of the bike. Chris picked him up from school one day and rode home with him, about 5 miles or so through town, and when they got home, Noah was still not ready to get off of the bike.

He likes to take pictures, and every time I hold up my camera to take a picture of him he says, "Cheese" and gives me a cheesy grin.

We've been working on potty training. It's a back and forth process. Noah has a book about a duck who's Mama tells him, "No more diapers duck!" Every time duck misses the potty he says, "QUACK!!".... So, the other day I said, "No more diapers Noah. You're a big boy now. You can use the potty (just like the book)." And he said, "QUACK!"

He loves going to story time, especially the singing songs part. He loves to read, and has Hop on Pop and Go Dog Go practically memorized. He loves Trains, Airplanes, Fire trucks, and tools. And he likes to walk and go for hikes. He Loves to throw rocks into the water and say, "Plop!"

I promise to get some of this on video and post it soon so you can see for yourself.


Amy said...

He sounds so completely endearing. I wish I could witness these things and will look forward to your video. Thanks for linking to my blog! I want you to know that the inspiration goes both ways.

glo said...

Yeah! So happy to see the new posts and pictures - I was missing them. Cool new banner too1

Patti said...

Oh I just loved reading this post. I too like the banner.miss you all!

natasha said...

Love your new banner and, of course, your sweet little gentleman of a son. *Love* that he says "bless you" to himself. Too much! Happy 21 months, Noah!