Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bean Bags!

One of Noah's and my favorite things to do together during the week is go to story time at the library. He loves to listen to stories, dance, sing, and play with the other kids, but most of all, he loves the song about the bean bags. All the kids get a bean bag, toss it, catch it, put it on your head and walk around the room...
We were having a slow afternoon the other day, just kind of getting on each others' nerves, you know? So I thought, why not make bean bags? It took less than twenty minutes to make six of them (not that they were masterpieces in the way of fine sewing or anything) and Noah is infatuated with them. Actually, with the yellow one in particular. He walks around with it on his head all over the house.






natasha said...

What a great idea to make homemade bean bags! And they look so should start an Etsy shop! Love the pic of Noah helping to put the beans in the bag. Too cute.

Chris said...

new idea, coffee bean bags for those little addicts.

gordon uncle-in-law said...

in no time
maybe juggling
he will master
or pitching through
a clown mouth