Monday, November 22, 2010

We saw snow!

This morning Noah woke us up as the sun rose. Last night when it started snowing I promised that we could make snowballs in the morning. He wanted to make snowballs right away! The sunrise was beautiful (although I can't deny that I might have been just as happy to sleep through it...)

The view from our window this morning (too cold to go outside!)


A little later, we headed back out for more snowballs. Just a few though, since he refused to wear the mittens.

"Hey, what's that on my boots!?"



"I love snowballs, but my hands are cold!"

We also had some fun inside today.


P.S. We're in Flagstaff, in case you haven't guessed :)


JoAnne said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know it's snowing there but it's in the mid 80's here in East Texas! It'll be cold for Thanksgiving though - low 60's. We're expecting our first freeze Thursday night!
Love to all,

natasha said...

So pretty! But I'm getting cold just looking at those pictures. I remember hating mittens too when I was little, but also vividly remember the frozen feeling of bare hands holding snowballs. Brrr!