Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can she be real?


You've probably already seen some photos of this adorable little baby recently if you've been following my blog, but here are a couple more of my friend Juliana's little one. Doesn't she just look like a porcelain doll?!


We went on a fun hike in Sedona with Juliana's family on Friday. It's been so long since I'd been down there. What a beautiful place to escape from the cold! This photo was of Juliana's nephew surprising his mom with a piece of mistletoe that he found. Such a sweet moment.



I love thanksgiving leftovers. They're almost better than the original, don't you think? This post is not really about leftover food though. It's called leftovers because it's taken me so long to upload these photos from thanksgiving cooking. My mom and I had fun cooking together for two days, with a little help from Noah.


I discovered in the last couple of years that I love homemade cranberry sauce, and that it's ridiculously simple to make.



I also made this recipe that my Grandmother always made, called "curried fruit". This is before I added the brown sugar and curry powder that makes this a special dish.


Here's one of the Sanfrancisco Peaks on Thanksgiving morning, when we walked down to see the "choo-choos" in the freezing cold wind. Noah walked all the way there, and he didn't want to leave. Who cares about a frozen nose?!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fresh Eye

There's been a lot of talk of aspiring photographers around here lately, but here is something from an artist that is completely new to the trade! It turns out that Noah has an eye for some interesting geometric shapes and some fresh perspectives.




And here he is, the little photographer posing with his "Ooh-ah" (monkey):


He also spent a good amount of time watching birds out in the snow with Nana teaching him the bird calls. A budding nature photographer maybe?


Monday, November 22, 2010

We saw snow!

This morning Noah woke us up as the sun rose. Last night when it started snowing I promised that we could make snowballs in the morning. He wanted to make snowballs right away! The sunrise was beautiful (although I can't deny that I might have been just as happy to sleep through it...)

The view from our window this morning (too cold to go outside!)


A little later, we headed back out for more snowballs. Just a few though, since he refused to wear the mittens.

"Hey, what's that on my boots!?"



"I love snowballs, but my hands are cold!"

We also had some fun inside today.


P.S. We're in Flagstaff, in case you haven't guessed :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stuck at Home Fun

This wasn't my idea. He found the paints in a drawer and said "please". It was so much fun to see him look at the colors on his fingers over and over, and point at each little spot where he wanted a squirt of color to spread around.





We also had a great time riding our bike all the way to the library for story time, and to the childrens' museum for our little friend group. Noah even fell asleep in the bike seat on the ride home. So cute with the little helmet knocking back and forth.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Toy Train Museum

This afternoon we discovered a jackpot for little boys (and some old men) who really really love choo choo trains. I got a little flier from a tiny train museum downtown, and had no idea what to expect, especially when we drove out into a warehouse district. We couldn't believe this place! There were so many trains and such intricate towns, farms, mountains, tunnels, and everything else. The place was filled with little kids marveling at two or three trains going by all at once, traveling different directions, into and out of tunnels. Noah wanted to move in.
Here he is sitting in the real caboose outside:



In the middles of the diaramas were the "engineers" (older men, often wearing train engineer hats). As usual, I took a lot of pictures. Here are some favorites:






Here is a link to their website:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hi Everybody

This is totally staged, but sooooo ridiculously adorable. Some of my favorite things that Noah is saying these days, just to record them for the memories. And so our friends and family who we don't see nearly often enough can see just how sweet he is at this particular stage of toddler-hood.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bye-bye Ani

Oh boy! I have been neglecting this blog too much. Things have been busy. We did a family photo shoot with our very good friends, Kristin and Jamie and kids, who are moving (actually, have moved :( ) to Arkansas on Friday afternoon, and then we photographed a wedding on Saturday evening. See the family photos {here}, and I'll let you know when I post the wedding. Otherwise, here are some photos of Noah playing with his buddies while the parents helped pack up the moving truck:



I cried when we said goodbye to The Hedges yesterday. I'm going to miss them, but when Noah hugged and kissed Ani, I just couldn't help it. He has no idea that we're not going to see her at the park on Tuesday. His best friend. Thank goodness for Skype!