Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silver City Excursion


We met Dennis and Lisa in Silver City over the weekend for a little family time. Noah really enjoyed seeing more grandparents, and we enjoyed have a few moments to ourselves to wander the town while they entertained.


We hit the local farmer's market on Saturday morning. I loved the basket (above) with all the colored fabric strips as a handle. It reminds me of the trees all hung with prayer flags in places like Nepal.


Unfortunately, Chris and I planned our little coffee date together for Sunday morning, when absolutely everything besides the coffee shop was closed. The coffee was great though :) Here's my little ad for this awesome coffee shop:



I love the handmade cups and bowls, and the color of the brick walls. And the strong, cold-brewed, organic, fair-trade iced coffee... well, if you know anything about me I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was.


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Amy said...

I want to drink that iced coffee while you tell me how to get the light in a tree to look so cool in a photo. Holy cow! That is a good picture of you, and that light makes it so intriguing.