Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craft Season?

You might remember, around this time last year when I started posting baby pants, halloween costumes, and more baby pants (click the words to see the posts again if you don't). Well, there must be something about it being just cool enough to be in the dining room in the evening that inspires me to be crafty. Look at what I made this week:

tu-tus in the sun

Two little tu-tus to use as photo props (although one was a gift for Noah's best buddy).


I'm planning to make some more. They're so easy! Just a piece of elastic with strips of tulle tied along it, any color or length you want. I wound a ribbon around so they tie with a satin bow at the waist, but you could just sew the elastic together and be done. These took me around 30 minutes each. They're cheap to make too! And just look how happy you can make some lucky little girl with so little effort!

Ani's tu-tu

Noah and I met Kristin and the kids at the playground this evening for a little pizza party picnic. Noah is getting so big, he climbs up and goes down the big tube slide all by himself. Below is a photo of a little soccer practice nearby in the sunset light. I think this park might be a good place for family portraits, don't you?

sunset at the park 

My craft season isn't over  yet either. This week I'm going to tackle Noah's halloween costume. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm not telling what it is just yet though. You'll have to come back to see.


Amy said...

I'm very excited to see what the Halloween costume will be. :)

Patti said...

Such a crafty daughter in law!!! I like the tutus