Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Big Boy and a New Season


A little lunch. This one was a homemade bananut nut muffin that was sliced up and made into mini almond butter and jelly sandwiches, and deliciously sweet black grapes. I was so proud of myself. My picky toddler turned up his nose and did not take a single bite of the entire batch of muffins, including this sandwich.

Here is another sort of "artsy" photo of Noah in front of an exhibit at the Children's museum.


I love this age. He's such a big boy all of a sudden. He can do so many new things (Yesterday he pooped and then later peed in the potty, no accident in between!). But when we go out he plays with the big kids and all of a sudden he's just a little guy again. So cute in his too-big shorts.



A recent favorite thing is trying to hop. Yelling, "hop! hop!" as he tries to hop in various places: couches, chairs, etc.

Some of you have been requesting more videos so I'll try to post them more often. Here is the cutest little hopper you've ever seen:

Another attempt to hop below, see that mischievous smirk?


This evening we ate dinner outside. This time of year our evenings are PERFECT. I know it sounds like bragging when many of you are gearing up for your indoor season, but this was one of our first days with the doors open in months!! This is how those of your northerners must feel in April :)

A salad for an evening outside:


P.S. Visit my photography blog to see some new photo shoots of Scarlett and Eva (click on each name to see the posts)

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