Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Is this the cutest little airplane pilot that you've ever seen or what? (Thanks dad for sending all these awesome patches!)


We had such a fun time trick-or-treating in Susan and Scarlett's neighborhood with our little group of toddlers! Susan and Larry's halloween party was great, and everyone had awesome costumes. I've always loved trick-or-treating, and this was one of the best times I've had in a very long time. All four of our little ones are between 13 and 18 months. It was so funny to watch them walk up to the door, try to open it, then try to walk inside once it was open, and then try to sit down on the porch to inspect their candy!




Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Catwalk


On Sunday we found this place, called the Catwalk. A slot canyon with a catwalk built into it, and then a trail winding up across some really cool bridges. I think Noah walked almost a mile, even uphill. "walk. walk." "well, okay, but are you sure your feet aren't hurting?" "walk."


At first, the water 30 feet or so below us freaked him out, but soon he was running (even across the bridges, yikes).



This was making me nervous... but Noah was having fun with his grandpa.


Check out my awesome photographer husband with his new camera (and you thought I took a lot of pictures!):



Silver City Excursion


We met Dennis and Lisa in Silver City over the weekend for a little family time. Noah really enjoyed seeing more grandparents, and we enjoyed have a few moments to ourselves to wander the town while they entertained.


We hit the local farmer's market on Saturday morning. I loved the basket (above) with all the colored fabric strips as a handle. It reminds me of the trees all hung with prayer flags in places like Nepal.


Unfortunately, Chris and I planned our little coffee date together for Sunday morning, when absolutely everything besides the coffee shop was closed. The coffee was great though :) Here's my little ad for this awesome coffee shop:



I love the handmade cups and bowls, and the color of the brick walls. And the strong, cold-brewed, organic, fair-trade iced coffee... well, if you know anything about me I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feels Like Fall

Well, not really in Tucson... but it did in Flagstaff over the weekend! This was a great year for colors up on the peaks. We had a fun hike with my mom and Ron, Juliana and Baby Sena, and of course Chris and Noah. I was really excited about how the pictures came out :)








We also did a little photo shoot of beautiful baby Sena. You can see some of them at my photography blog (here).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

With Bells On


This morning Chris figured out how Noah could wear the bells without them sliding down his leg over and over. He danced around with them all morning... even while he helped me water our sorry looking basil garden (I may have forgotten about it for a few days...).



I know this next one is almost the same, but I just couldn't decide between them. The first one is such a great smile, but there's something about the smile in this second one that I think shows some of his sweet personality too. So here they both are.


And, even though I'm sure you can imagine just how cute it is to see him dance around with bells on, you can see it for yourself. The first 15 seconds of this is the best thing ever.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craft Season?

You might remember, around this time last year when I started posting baby pants, halloween costumes, and more baby pants (click the words to see the posts again if you don't). Well, there must be something about it being just cool enough to be in the dining room in the evening that inspires me to be crafty. Look at what I made this week:

tu-tus in the sun

Two little tu-tus to use as photo props (although one was a gift for Noah's best buddy).


I'm planning to make some more. They're so easy! Just a piece of elastic with strips of tulle tied along it, any color or length you want. I wound a ribbon around so they tie with a satin bow at the waist, but you could just sew the elastic together and be done. These took me around 30 minutes each. They're cheap to make too! And just look how happy you can make some lucky little girl with so little effort!

Ani's tu-tu

Noah and I met Kristin and the kids at the playground this evening for a little pizza party picnic. Noah is getting so big, he climbs up and goes down the big tube slide all by himself. Below is a photo of a little soccer practice nearby in the sunset light. I think this park might be a good place for family portraits, don't you?

sunset at the park 

My craft season isn't over  yet either. This week I'm going to tackle Noah's halloween costume. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm not telling what it is just yet though. You'll have to come back to see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Big Boy and a New Season


A little lunch. This one was a homemade bananut nut muffin that was sliced up and made into mini almond butter and jelly sandwiches, and deliciously sweet black grapes. I was so proud of myself. My picky toddler turned up his nose and did not take a single bite of the entire batch of muffins, including this sandwich.

Here is another sort of "artsy" photo of Noah in front of an exhibit at the Children's museum.


I love this age. He's such a big boy all of a sudden. He can do so many new things (Yesterday he pooped and then later peed in the potty, no accident in between!). But when we go out he plays with the big kids and all of a sudden he's just a little guy again. So cute in his too-big shorts.



A recent favorite thing is trying to hop. Yelling, "hop! hop!" as he tries to hop in various places: couches, chairs, etc.

Some of you have been requesting more videos so I'll try to post them more often. Here is the cutest little hopper you've ever seen:

Another attempt to hop below, see that mischievous smirk?


This evening we ate dinner outside. This time of year our evenings are PERFECT. I know it sounds like bragging when many of you are gearing up for your indoor season, but this was one of our first days with the doors open in months!! This is how those of your northerners must feel in April :)

A salad for an evening outside:


P.S. Visit my photography blog to see some new photo shoots of Scarlett and Eva (click on each name to see the posts)

Friday, October 8, 2010

On the Porch


We've been getting pomegranates from the farmer's market for several weeks now, but they haven't gotten old yet. This little boy ate the whole bowl of them!

Another recent favorite activity is scooping rainwater out of the pool and watering this very happy honeysuckle plant (and the concrete, of course). 



I've done a couple of toddler photo shoots lately also, but haven't quite had time to blog about them. Wow, are they difficult though! I thought baby and child photography sounded easier than wedding. I'm changing my mind though. Adults will stand there and smile for you. Very little running...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Desert Museum Close-ups






Chris' mom is visiting this weekend and we braved the heat at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum this morning. We had a great time walking around. As always, I spent a lot of time taking pictures of flowers (reptiles are something new though!).