Thursday, September 16, 2010

A good week



Another Thursday Farmer's Market this afternoon, and it was a good one. We left with tomatoes, local beef, local eggs, a yellow watermelon (which was carried safely home), pomegranates, eggplants, and some weird prickly pear lemonade with "chia" floating in it.


The green beans and this great portrait of Noah were from yesterday before we went to the open house at his school. I made a pesto green bean potato salad, which was added to an enormous potluck of everything you can think of, in a room filled with toddlers and their parents. We had a good time meeting all the other parents of the kids in his class and listening to the Rabbi sing songs before dinner. We're really lucky to have such a cool place for Noah.



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natasha said...

I love the watermelon in the stroller and that your shirt matches the prickly pear lemonade - did you plan that? ;)