Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toddler Food

Noah is a picky eater. He's showing signs of taking after his daddy. Uh-oh. So, I've been trying to get creative with meals and making things that he'll be willing to try that include things other than cheese and bread.
Cooking for a toddler is interesting, as is cooking with a toddler. Here are some examples:




I found a great website the other day for toddler recipe ideas: I can't wait to try making sweet beet cookies, and the zucchini coins I made the other night had only one major downfall; I didn't make enough.



Here is a pretty picture of some cupcakes I made for Sara's birthday, really late... and, I didn't see her this weekend when we planned, so we've sort of eaten most of them. I'll make them again though, don't worry Sara :)



Patti said...

Yes, sounds like his dad in being a picky eater! But what's wrong with cheese and bread. Especially the cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!

The Amy-Mom said...

Thanks for the webpage tip. I will have to check that out. Noah is so cute! I wish he and Miles could play together. Does Noah have a little red in his hair (looks like it, and Miles does too.)???

We miss you all.