Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunset Desert Stroll

Barrel flower ring

It's still so warm here, even in the evenings, that it's just barely cool enough for walks right as the sun is going down. We can't stand being stuck inside anymore though, so we just go out anyway. Tonight we were so glad we did, and got to stroll in this amazing sunset light. The barrel and cholla cacti are blooming now too. I didn't get much exercise because I kept stopping to take pictures of them.

sunset prickly pear

Barrel flower in sunset

Cholla flower with mountain backdrop

Chris took this one of me. I love the feel of it.

desert stroll


natasha said...

Oh my gosh! Amazing pictures...thanks for sharing!

Patti said...

Beautiful pictures

emery_rose said...

Thanks for the comments! You know I love them.