Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playdate at the pool...

Last weekend we planned a little picknik and swimming playdate with some of our friends. We sort of miscommunicated on the picknik, so some of us ate out, some of us had a picknik... but we finally got it all together and made it to the pool, which by the time we made it, was "full" (apparently the 105 degree temperature does not override the fact that it is now "fall" so the pool can only hold 10 people. I guess I'm still hung up on it...) Anyway, we herded all the kids, bathing suits on and all, over to the duck pond and the playground. It ended up being a great evening. Beautiful sunset. And the best part was that we all went to Kristin and Jamie's house afterward and succeeded in getting all five kids to sleep so we could all play cards until after midnight!

This is not the most flattering photo of everyone, but it captures the fun of having all those kids (and adults) together, I think.


Another amazing Tucson sunset. This is looking over the duck pond at Reid Park.


gordon uncle-in-law said...

that is a wild picture, i would like it blown up the size of a wall and wake up to it every morning. it is the sunset pic not the noah airplane pic, but that one is great too. going to the sierras with the old guys this weekend , yosemite on the back side. thinking of you.

emery_rose said...

I sure wish I was headed to the sierras! One of these days we'll have to get Noah on a trip out there.