Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Summer

Schools are back in session here. Noah and Chris are both technically in the fall semester as of this week. All the stores have sweaters and other fall items. It's almost enough to trick you into thinking that it might actually be getting close to fall. But, it's only the beginning of August. For some people fall is just around the corner and that itch to pull out a sweater might soon be satisfied. Not for us. Summer here will last another two months or so. We just bought Noah a new pair of sandals because he'd outgrown his other pair. Who buys a baby sandals in mid-August?! Well, sandal weather is really drawn out around here.

We've been praying for rain lately. Flagstaff and the rest of the state are having flooding problems, while we sit here watching the few clouds on the edges of town build up, drop a few little sprinkles, and then move away. Everyone who's sick of the rain this summer should spend a few minutes today trying to use the power of their thoughts to send that rain down here for us. We would sure appreciate it!

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