Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Like Farmers

Well, not exactly like farmers... but, we did learn that our local farmers market (the Santa Cruz River Farmer's Market, just around the corner from us) is awesome! We got fresh, local eggs, squash, prickly pear popsicles, perfect tomatoes, and some other goodies all for less than $15. This will have to be a weekly trip.

As I was trying to get a good photo of our loot, to show you, a little thief appeared to steal tomatoes out from under my nose!

farmer's market goodies

irresistable market finds

tomato theif

Another farmer-ish thing that we did this week was make pesto from our basil garden, and homemade noodles to eat it with. Actually, Louisa made the noodles, and most of the pesto... but we were there. It was delicious.

homemade pesto & pasta

close-up pesto

The last thing was that I tried making carrot beet cupcakes for my birthday. I thought they would be just like carrot cake, only bright purple. It turns out that beets lose their color when baked, so they just looked like carrot cake. The taste was a little different, but still yummy.

carrots and beets


Xochi Mama said...

I love the photo of a little arm reaching into the produce. Very cute. What are the hours of the market?

The Amy-Mom said...

Birthday??? I wish I had remembered. I hope it was a happy one. Happy Birthday!