Monday, August 16, 2010

A Good Morning

I was too exhausted from a sleepless weekend of new molars mercilessly breaking through sensitive baby gums to upload photos last night. They'll have to wait for now. This morning though, despite a rocky start (including a tantrum about not being allowed to have any delicious Tylenol for breakfast), was really good.

We finally got some much needed sleep last night.

I was really happy with the lunch I made Noah for school today. I know that seems silly, but fresh kiwi and mango, blueberry yogurt, special chicken nuggets, peas, and grapes all in one little lunchbag is just satisfying.

When we get to school, I usually take Noah out to the playground and drop him there with the other early birds and a little group of teachers. He loves playing in the sand, and hasn't been complaining one bit when I leave. This morning though, we arrived just as one of his teachers was heading out to the playground. I plopped Noah into the big wagon they use to bring all the kids back in (this is the cutest thing ever, four babies sitting in a wagon), and he was happily pulled along out to the playground without looking back. I was so nervous about sending him to daycare, but now when I drop him off to spend the day with four little boys the same age, who he's now known for 9 months or so, and some wonderful teachers, I feel really lucky that things worked out this way.

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