Monday, July 26, 2010

Whirlwind Road Trip, Part II: Amarillo

There are actually a couple of parts to this post. Amarillo, visiting Grandma Patti, visiting Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Lisa, and visiting Great Grandma Ruby and Great Grandpa Delbert. And, Greenbelt Lake (and hour or so outside of Amarillo).

We swam and played all day at Grandma Patti's house. She has a great pool that Noah stayed in for hours. This photo from the car was my favorite though.
Next, over to Dennis and Lisa's for a pizza dinner with everybody. Dennis picked up this little tractor at a yard sale just for the grandsons to drive. Noah dove for the steering wheel as soon as he realized that Grandpa was offering him the driver's seat.

Saturday we headed to Greenbelt Lake for camping (not our usual kind of roughing it tent camping, this was camping with a fancy RV, and I'm certainly not complaining!). Noah and Xander had a great time splashing around in the lake with their matching life jackets. We even had them sit in the boat with me and Dennis and Chris pushed us back and forth through the water until Xander actually fell asleep!

In the evening we all sat in camp chairs around a big outdoor rug while the boys went from chair to chair begging for crackers (that's what Noah did, anyway).

It was great to be out there with all of Noah's Aunts and Uncles from the Eaves family. Aunt Amy, Uncle Scott, Aunt Lexi, Uncle Adam, and Uncle Houston. Between all of them and Dennis and Lisa (aka Cap'n and G), Chris and I got a little bit of a break and paddled out into the lake and around the little island.
Sunday we headed back to Amarillo and made a quick stop at Ruby and Delbert's house, then lunch with Patti, Amy and Scott, a quick visit to the Filipowicz's house, and then we drove about 2/3 of the way home before we stopped for a hotel room with a lightening show outside. We made it back home by noon today, feeling glad that we'd made the trip, although we wish Amarillo was just a little bit closer!

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