Monday, July 26, 2010

Whirlwind Road Trip, Part I: Albuquerque

Noah and I actually skipped out on the first leg of our last-minute weekend road trip to Amarillo. We flew to Albuquerque on Wednesday afternoon to visit my Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Eric, and cousins, Ellie and Dane. I wish we could have stayed with them longer, Noah was really taken with Ellie and Dane, and kept laying down on Ellie's lap. I didn't get many good pictures. I think I must have just been so jealous of Eric's new 5D MarkII (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably wouldn't's a kind of camera) that I just quick taking pictures for the day.
The goldfish that you see in this picture were part of the key to Noah's heart for Dane and Ellie.

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