Friday, July 9, 2010

Vermont goodies

As I've mentioned, there were a lot of good things about being in Vermont. One more was playing with Bennet, Melissa's grandson who is just 7 weeks younger than Noah. They had a great time together (aside from a few screaming tug-of-war sessions). Bennet also liked Noah's favorite book about farm animals. He's making several animal sounds lately. My favorite is the coyote "ow ow owwooooo" (head tilted back). He also says "moo" like a cow and "bak bak" like a chicken. At the moment, all animals say "bak bak". We walked by a big painted coy sculpture in Burlington and Noah pulled out his pacifier to say "bak bak" as we went by, and then replaced the pacifier.

Church street in Burlington was the first real walking practice. Oh boy have things changed.

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