Saturday, July 10, 2010

To live near a river...

Sometimes in the dry Tucson summer, I get an overwhelming feeling like I would give almost anything to swim in a cool, clear river. There are places to swim here, but the long hikes and the crowds keep us from frequenting them. We were hoping for some cooler weather in Vermont, but no such luck. 80 percent humidity, temperatures in the mid nineties, and no air conditioner meant lying around doing some whining (on my part, anyway). Every evening when we just couldn't stand the heat anymore, we all piled into the car and drove a couple of miles outside of town to swim in the river. Noah thought we should stay in that cool water forever. Even when his lips started to get a little blue :)

He got some spend a lot of quality time with his granddaddy.

The water was so clear you could spot shiny rocks from the surface, and then you could toss them back in for a satisfying splash!

One of my personal favorite spots was this swimming hole. Deep, clear, cool water is the most relaxing thing.

We need a river like this in Tucson...

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