Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flying with a toddler

This was our first long air travel experience with a much more mobile Noah. I was really nervous last week, wondering how we could deal with super screaming tantrums about not being able to move around on the plane. But, no such problem. He was a great traveler.

We had crayons, ping pong balls, and plenty of puffs and cheddar bunnies, and we made it through three flights without any trouble. He even fell asleep on the last flight and stayed asleep through the airport, transfer into the car, all the way home and into bed. (By the way, we are in Vermont to visit my dad, who is so nice that he bought us tickets to come out here! I don't think I ever want to leave). This morning we walked to the coffee shop for breakfast, and then down the road to the river. Noah was in love at first sight, and then we starting throwing rocks into the water. "Oh wow"

This last photo is from earlier this week. We had some fun with stickers.


glo said...

I have been looking forward to hearing how your flight went! Thanks for posting this, and I am so glad your flights went well and you are enjoying Vermont. Beautiful River!

Gina said...

"Oh wow!"
I love imagining Noah uttering that one with glee.