Saturday, July 10, 2010

Epic Journey

We left Burlington at 11:00am yesterday. The plan was to stop at JFK (New York) and then Allanta, and arrive in Tucson at 8:30 PM. Before our flight boarded they asked for volunteers who could give up there seats until the next day in exchange for $400 dollar vouchers. That sounded good, but Chris had a test he couldn't miss at 8am the next morning.

Well, the flight from JFK was delayed by an hour and a half. We arrived in Atlanta at the very moment our flight closed at another terminal. Uh-oh.

We went to the service desk and were given a hotel voucher and meal voucher ($6 each). That sounded good, but Chris had a test he couldn't miss at 8am the next morning.

How about a flight to Phoenix, and we'll rent a car to drive back? Sure, there's a flight that leaves at 9:40pm, getting into Phoenix at 10:30pm. Not ideal, but okay.

The flight didn't leave until 12:20am. We arrived in Phoenix at 1:30am, very tired. Our bags did not arrive, so we had to wait in line to report them lost, and get a loaner car seat. By 2:30am we finally had our car seat, our rental car, and we headed toward home.

We pulled into our driveway at 4:30am. Poor Chris got to sleep for two and a half hours before his 8am test, followed by another test at 1pm (each lasting over three hours).

But wait, that's not all. Our car is still parked at the Tucson airport and we have to go get it. And, even better, we have to drive back to Phoenix this evening to drop off the rental car. Worst trip home ever?

On the bright side, Noah is an amazing traveler. He slept on all three flights, toddled, giggling through the airports, and slept in the car on the way home. I guess it could have been Worse!

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glo said...

I love that happy carry on baggage! Your pictures of Vermont are beautiful.