Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 Months

I think I missed the 13 month post... we've been busy! A lot of new things in the last two months. Milestones include:

- Walking! All the time now, he's not really crawling anymore at all (unless it's under the table in hot pursuit of the poor kitty)

- Talking quite a bit, words like: teeth, shoes, kitty (old ones), no no no no no, outside, diaper, and more; even a couple of phrases like: "oh wow"

- Animal sounds. I know I've mentioned these, but he now makes the correct sounds for chicken, coyote, and cow when asked, without us making the sound first. He still says "bak-bak" when he sees most animals

- Tackling animals and other children (I'm not sure this one really qualifies as a milestone...

As always, I'm sure there are many more that I'm not thinking of just now. We've been swimming a lot lately, and Noah is turning out to be a real water lover. He doesn't like to go under, but doesn't really mind being splashed in the face. I'll try to post some photos this afternoon, but we're off on another adventure (Albuquerque and Amarillo) this afternoon so it all depends on how fast I can get everything packed and cleaned up :)

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