Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Special Project

It's amazing how much more Noah feels like a little boy than a baby lately. He seems much more conscious of what things do and what they are for. He came home from school last week with a special project for his daddy. It was so special to have something that came home with him, and to imagine him doing little projects and things while we're away from him.

Every day from daycare they send home a little sheet that says what they did that day. Last week one of them said:
Today was amazing because: We cooled off during water play and afterward we took a trip around the school to warm back up. After that we came inside and worked on a surprise for our DADs!

(We were wondering why Noah came home with green paint between his toes that day...)

The photos from school are ones that they sent home with the special project. It looks like he's having fun, don't you think?

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natasha said...

What a sweet post! Yes, it's so exciting to think of Noah doing projects at school - and so cool to see the outcome! I love that finger painting almost as much as I love the picture of him doing it!