Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing like a big boy

Last Saturday we went to another 1st birthday party. Noah's friend Lotte (short for Charlotte) had a party in the backyard. This was the best backyard for kids that we've seen, and we're thinking of digging up all the cacti in our backyard to try to do something more like it. Noah had a blast. His usual shyness was nowhere to be found, and he looked just like a little boy playing with a ball and standing beside the pool.

The playhouse was great fun for Noah and Lotte, who are so close to walking. The could go in and out and hold onto all the windows just like the big kids.

Chris, of course, is always working on promoting bike appreciation. What happens when two little ones want to ride at the same time? See for yourself.

Another big deal just today: 4 steps! We think he's a walker!
Noah has been standing alone for a couple of weeks. He can clap his hands, shake maracas, dance, squat down and retrieve something and then stand back up without using his hands, but he just isn't convinced that he can walk yet. He's a cautious type. One of these days I think he'll realize that he can do it and be walking like a pro. Maybe tomorrow...

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Xochi Mama said...

Eva and Noah are on the same track! Eva took her first steps on Tuesday too. How funny is that.