Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heading North

This is the time of year in Tucson when the temperature starts to climb regularly into the triple digits. 101 today... 105 tomorrow... you get the idea. Flagstaff usually sits somewhere in the 80s, so we were excited to head up there for a long weekend. Also, it was my ten (actually eleven) year high school reunion. Sadly I forgot to take any pictures, but it was fun to see some of the friends I hadn't seen in several years. Also, my good friend Juliana's baby shower was the same day, so the weekend was packed with fun and reunions with old friends.

I made an orange pineapple upside down cake for the shower and it turned out beautiful.

Sadly, I just realized that I got so wrapped up in projects that I completely forgot to take pictures of the awesome diaper bag that I made for Juliana, and baby carrier that I made for Magan. Darn it! They turned out really cool and I was super excited to show them off. I guess my showing off will have to wait until next time. Noah is into making things too. Here he is helping Chris put together a little stool that my mom bought him for teeth brushing.


Patti said...

The cake looks delicious! I love seeing Noah already building things and working with his hands like that!
Love ya,

Jordonna said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog via a friend's blogroll. For safety's sake I have to say that I've noticed in a few pictures that your son's car seat straps are much too loose. You should only be able to fit two fingers under the straps in the front of his body and no more than one finger between his shoulder and the strap at the top.

i hope you will take this in the spirit in which it is intended. From what you post, you are very conscientious parents, so I thought you would want to know.

More info can be found here: http://www.car-safety.org/faq.html#Q54