Tuesday, June 22, 2010

13 Months (yesterday)

As you can see, our major 13 month milestone is: First steps!

He still hasn't taken off on his own yet. Noah seems to be a cautious type. He loves to take steps toward me though (sometimes if I'm walking backward he'll walk quite a ways), but his favorite part is falling toward me and laughing and screaming.

Other new things this month:

- Lots of words. In addition to mama, dada, hi, and kitty; new ones include: Ball, ball, ball, cheese, teeth, shoes, and many more (mind you, they are attempts, not always clear words, except for ball, but the main sounds are consistently there so I think it counts :)

- Tantrums! But, my friend Sara said that babies don't usually start having tantrums until around 15 months, so yeah! We're ahead of the curve!

- Interest in putting things together, digging in the sand, stacking blocks, singing and playing musical toys, and playing Ball

We had a good time in flagstaff, aside from everyone having a case of the flu...
Noah loves watering the garden. Nana Glo's garden is amazing, purple flowers all over the yard, ripe strawberries, and it was cool enough to go outside!

The photo below looks a little like Noah has extra legs because I'm sitting right behind him, but it shows the exuberance of his new skill so well.

A sad part of the weekend was seeing the peaks on fire. Schultz pass, a place well known to any outdoor lover in Flagstaff, was burning when we were leaving town on Sunday. It was already so big that we could see flames from Buffalo park.

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