Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Year in Days: September 2009

In September, Noah learned how to fix bikes...
He also learned how to sit up on his own, which seemed so huge at the time. It's amazing how much has changed since then.
(For example: a couple of days ago I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone while Noah played on the floor. In one totally effortless motion, he used my foot as a step and climbed right up onto the couch. Oh wow! I couldn't believe he made it up there, and so fast! And then... "hey, wait a minute, you had a diaper on a minute ago..." That's right, he took off his diaper and then expertly climbed up onto the couch. The days of being able to set him on the floor and have him just stay there are long gone.)
He got his own room and bed (which he did not sleep in, and was eventually sort of taken apart).
And I became an expert at all things baby related... you might say, I got my black belt. Remember this example from September? (you can read the entire post here)
The moment I opened the diaper in happened. Pee somehow completely bypassed the diaper and squirted all over the front of my shirt, all over the changing table and all over the wall. In the midst of my trying ineffectively to keep the pee contained I forgot that I had already opened the container of cornstarch. Noah expertly kicked it over and had it all over his legs and feet by the time I could even react.
Clearly, I was a master.

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Amy said...

I'm really enjoying these. It is crazy how fast time has passed.

You have always been a pro so far as I can tell! :)